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Extended support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 ends

PSTG can help customers with End Of Support

PSTG can help customers with End Of Support

On July 9th 2019, support for SQl Server 2008 and 2008 R2 will end.

Key EOL dates

What does this mean?

End of Support means the end of regular security updates.
This leaves your infrastructure and applications unprotected. With cyberattacks becoming more sophisticated and frequent, running unsupported versions can create significant security risks.

Running software without security updates breaks compliance requirements.
Your company needs a strategy that includes uninterrupted critical security updates.

End of Support is an opportunity to innovate.
This is a great opportunity to transform your applications and infrastructure to take advantage of cloud computing and the latest versions of SQL Server and Windows Server, or consider migrating applications and data to Azure to benefit from even more innovation with Cloud Services.

End of support is quickly approaching so it’s important to plan your migration and upgrade strategy today.

What are your options?

1. Migrate to Azure and get free Extended Security Updates
This is an ideal time to transform your IT estate to the cloud and move your VMs to Azure. If when planning your upgrade path to newer versions and time is an issue you could take advantage of Extended Security Updates for free in Azure for 2008 and 2008 RS versions of SQL Server and Windows Server for three more years after the deadline.

2. Transform SQL Workloads to Azure SQL Database
Many organisations have reduced the cost and complexity associated with running SQL infrastructure and software by transforming SQL data bases to a fully managed service running on the latest versions. This includes built-in features such as performance tuning and threat alerts. Microsoft performs all the patching and updating of the code base, and manages the underlying infrastructure for you.

3. Upgrade on-premises environments and stay protected
For applications and data that needs to stay on-premises, upgrade with the most current security features and regular security updates and for the servers you can’t upgrade in time, you can purchase extended security updates for three more years.

PSTG can help you understand the cost and implications of each of the options, help you migrate with minimal risk to your organisations, so you can realise the benefits of Azure.

Call on 0203 907 9500 now to arrange a free assessment of your SQL estate with our Microsoft Azure experts.

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