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3 Security Tools that Help Secure Your Business – and they Don’t Break the Bank!

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This past year has been particularly devastating for businesses due to cyber-attacks, with many suffering huge losses as a result. Security breaches have increased by 11% since 2018 – which is probably a conservative number bearing in mind most attacks go un-reported.

Organisations still believe that the security measures of yesterday can cope with the sophisticated attacks of today Business interruption, disaster mitigation and rapid response are just some of the costs – and that doesn’t take into account reputational damage. Unfortunately, organisations are only discovering this when it is too late once they have been breached.

Below are 3 security tools that we recommend you consider:

Acronis Cloud Backup:

Our client feedback has been really positive about this solution. Many businesses are migrating to Office 365 so need a data backup solution. Acronis’ platform redesign and pence per / Gb model is proving to be a really popular for IT leaders who are looking for a simplified backup platform at a very competitive price-point.

Download the Acronis O365 Backup Data Sheet here.

Netwrix Auditor:

Compliance seems to be one of the main drivers for Netwrix Auditor. Although, we’ve seen that the general management and auditability of an organisation’s IT infrastructure is a driver due to significant operational efficiencies. The Netwrix Auditor GUI and single pane of glass for auditing multiple components within an IT infrastructure allows IT leaders to easily audit and produce reports against their environment with little configuration or management.

A valuable case study for Netwrix Auditor can be seen here.

As you will see in the case study of Rokslide, the benefits of Netwrix Auditor are not only limited to ensuring compliance and passing annual audits. Rokslide increased the productivity of their IT team by increasing visibility of their IT infrastructure, leading to 2 hours a day being saved on manual monitoring. This coupled with actionable intelligence led to faster ticket and issue response.

Sentinel One for End-point Security:

Something we urge our clients to look at is behaviour-based threat detection. Signature based AVs are redundant against the sophisticated attacks of today, and these days we would not consider using them as a security layer. Consider that the average time to identify a breach in 2019 was 206 days, a behavioural based threat detection tool would drastically mitigate that time, and what if the threat detection tool had the ability to remediate and rollback once a threat was discovered?

PSTG have partnered with Sentinel One for this reason. Sentinel One is an enterprise-grade AI based threat detection tool for small to medium-sized businesses, that detects threats via their behaviour and responds in real time.

Sentinel One - Check out the case study with Hitachi which outlines the enterprise grade capabilities of Sentinel One that will benefit a much smaller organisation.


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